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Turkey Tours , Cappadocia istanbul tours

Approximately between Istanbul-Canakkale Turkey Tours  After a journey lasting 4 hours we had OldCity Canakkale. Canakkale OldCity are many houses made numerous architecture and ottoman in front of the house is decorated with flowers and trees. The historic city of Canakkale on the silk road has many caravanserai. We got up early in the morning we met up with our tour guide...



Nice weekend to Cappadocia

We had a . We went the first special cave hotel in Urgup. Cave is the only hotel in the world Cappadocia. The hotel is in cappadocia tours Cave has a natural warm in winter and cool in summer ventilation system. The formation of Cappadocia evaporation  cooling of the lava of Mount Hasan has been under the influence of rain and wind. Middle fortress town had in Cappadocia....


istanbul day trip

During our trip we joined the trip in Istanbul, which is where the works of the Ottoman Empire made the zamna. first in Istanbul in 1453, Sultan Mehmet Istanbul and Istanbul by the Ottoman empire gallipoli tours was the conquest was the last capital. first around Istanbul with very large and very thick walls istanbul a city that has been protected. istabul Orthodox church of...